New VeriSign Certificate for Open eBay: March 1, 2011

For Open eBay app developers: on March 1, 2011, we will update the VeriSign certificate at

Make sure your Open eBay apps switch to using the new certificate to verify subscription calls from eBay. You can find instructions here:

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Coming Soon: New VeriSign Certificate for Open eBay Apps

Attention Open eBay developers: the VeriSign certificate used for subscription calls between Open eBay and your application will expire in early March.

Before that happens, the Open eBay team will publish a new certificate for your application to use, and instructions for its use, here:

Watch this space for updates, and if you have any questions, please file a support ticket:


-Open eBay team

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More Than 200K Subscribers to Open eBay Apps


The Open eBay Apps program now has more than 200K subscribers. And the number of eBay sellers that subscribe to the apps, which are embedded on the eBay site, is growing.

The numbers came from Tina Mazzei and Anand Gangadharan during a presentation at the PayPal X Developer Conference. I was excited to hear about the growth because I'm a contributor to the Open eBay documentation for developers. Tina explained to the audience that in the Open eBay program, "we bring the customers to you."

As Anand said, "eBay does a lot of the heavy lifting" for third parties. This includes handling marketing through the Apps Center and handling billing through PayPal.

The Open eBay apps include the new eBay Listing Analytics application, which is free.

Sellers use Open eBay apps right on the site. Many of the apps reduce sellers' operational costs. For third parties who want to write Open eBay apps, "the most important part is to be a customer-centric provider," and earn good ratings, Anand said.  

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Check out the latest Apps Center participants and hear directly from them at DevCon!

The Apps Center continues to gain momentum in 2010 with new apps launching every month! This post spotlights 6 new apps that have launched since January 2010 and highlights how you can learn more about the Open eBay Apps opportunity.

Curious about the opportunity? Hear directly from participating app developers at the Open eBay Apps One Year Later - A Developer's Perspective forum discussion at eBay DevCon 2010. We hope to see you there!

Wondering what it takes to build an Open eBay App? Join us for a special Open eBay Apps Jumpstart workshop at eBay DevCon 2010. We hope to see you there!

Check out our latest apps and the developers behind them! We are proud to spotlight our latest 6 apps that have launched since January 2010:


by Teapplix, Inc: A bulk shipping automation program for larger and more demanding sellers.


by, LLC: Make money with every item shipped.


by Frooition Inc: Amend live listings in bulk, to save time and money.


by PMIT: Apply animated professional designs to eBay stores.


by ExploreBid: Powerful auction research tool dedicated to conducting accurate eBay research data analysis.


by Auctiva Corporation: Auctiva Discount Shipping Insurance allows you to economically and efficiently insure your domestic and international purchases.

Help spread the word! Like what you see? The Apps Center now supports share capability for Facebook, Twitter and Digg. You can see it at the top right corner at We'd love for you to help spread the word!

Get your app on this list! Get started building your first Open eBay App by visiting and be sure to catch us at DevCon 2010!

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Apps Center adds more marketing opportunites for Open eBay Apps!

Check out the latest marketing upgrades to the Apps Center, where sellers can find vetted apps to grow and manage their business! We've enhanced featured app placements to showcase more apps, and reduced the number of clicks to needed to subscribe. These apps are embedded inside of MyeBay, where sellers can directly access app functionality along side core MyeBay functions.

The Open eBay product team has also launched several recent product enhancements to help app developers better manage subscriptions. Most significantly, subscribers can now easily upgrade and downgrade between subscription plans.  

The feature list includes:

  • Offer easy upgrades and downgrades between subscription plans. Find out the pre-requisites, and how to opt-in!
  • Get notified every time a user's subscription state changes.  Especially useful for notifications for cancellation requests on non-prorated billing plans!
  • Get notified when a users auth token is revoked or renewed. Automate your end user messaging and detection of account synchronization problems.

Check out the Open eBay documentation for a complete list of the latest feature enhancements! 

Wondering what it takes to build an Open eBay App? Join us for the Open eBay Apps Jumpstart workshop at the eBay Developers Conference on June 8th-10th in San Jose,CA.  We hope to see you there!

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