AdCommerce Discontinued in eBay US & CA, Still Available for eBay EU & AU

As we announced in early July, the AdCommerce pay-per-click ad program that allowed eBay sellers to purchase pay-per-click advertisements on search result pages linking to their eBay stores and listings will be retired for and as of August 4, 2010.

The service will continue for eBay sellers using AdCommerce in Europe and Australia, and it will continue for e-commerce retailers worldwide as it has in the past.

The AdCommerce API is still available through the Developer's Program and we encourage you to check it out. It currently supports all ad creation, management and reporting functionality, enabling developers to provide additional services to their e-commerce customers and assist in improving their performance. There's more to come for developers interested in using AdCommerce later this summer, including an API Sandbox for testing, so stay tuned for more info.

Thank you,
eBay AdCommerce team

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eBay Greater China Developers Conference: Aug 27


Update (Aug 11): Due to popular demand, this event has sold out! Watch the blog for more events like these.

Join us for the 3rd annual eBay Greater China Developers Conference

邀您加入第三届 eBay 大中华区开发者大会

尊敬的 eBay 开发者、卖家、合作伙伴,

“eBay 大中华区开发者大会 “ 是 eBay 在中国举办的一年一度的 eBay 开发者聚会, 2010 年将是其第三次举办。

您将有机会结识数百名电子商务技术同行和 eBay 及 PayPal 的技术专家,探讨如何充分利用 eBay 的跨国电子商务交易平台,更有效地开发自己的应用,用技术创造财富。

本次大会 , 将主要介绍 eBay 2010 及 2011 全球技术走势 , 展示 eBay 最新的 API 商业潜力 , 纵览 PayPal 系统集成方案 , 并且分享 eBay API 系统架构及优化经验等。 [ 查看详情 ]


  • eBay 和 PayPal 的 API 开发者及感兴趣者
  • 拥有技术团队或希望组建技术团队的 eBay 卖家
  • eBay 和 PayPal 的技术合作伙伴


日期: 2010 年 8 月 27 日 (星期五)

时间: 08:30 – 18:00



填写 报名表 (姓名,公司,职位, Email ,手机号码)

大会完全免费,名额有限,请在报名截止日期 8 月 10 日前从速报名。

Register Now

注册本大会过程中如有任何疑问,请电邮至 DL-eBay-CBT-API(at)

Dear eBay Developer, Seller, and Guest,

We extend to you a cordial invitation to attend the eBay Greater China Developers Conference.

eBay Greater China Developers Conference is an annual event for affiliate developers and entrepreneurs in Greater China who build innovate e-Commerce applications with eBay and PayPal API platforms. 2010 marks the third year of this technical event.

Sessions at the conference provide you with an opportunity to hear about the latest advancements in applications for eBay, the world's largest online marketplace. Through discussion with other developers and entrepreneurs, you can enhance your techniques for developing an app which best fits the marketplace. [See Details]

Who Should Attend?

  • Developers targeting at developing advanced and profitable apps for eBay and PayPal users
  • Entrepreneurs who are eager to grow their businesses with eBay and PayPal
  • Anyone who is interested in the latest trends for eBay and the e-commerce world

When and Where

Date: August 27th, 2010 (Friday)

Time: 08:30 – 18:00

Place: Shenzhen (details to be included in the confirmation letter after you sign up for the event)

How Do I Register?

The event is free. Registration closes on August 10, 2010.

To sign up for the event, please fill in the online registration form.

Register Now

For enquiries please email us at DL-eBay-CBT-API(at)

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Developer Impact: eBay Buyer Protection in US, UK, DE

eBay DE just announced that a new eBay Buyer Protection program will be available on the DE site starting in September.

Developers will find that there is currently an issue retrieving new eBay Buyer Protection cases (for item not received and not as described problems) that were filed in the eBay Resolution Center. These cases are not being returned via the Trading API call GetUserDisputes. As a workaround, sellers today can view all their cases on the eBay website.

In September, we are releasing a way to retrieve the eBay Buyer Protection cases with a new ResolutionCaseManagement API. You will be able to subscribe to notifications that will send a message to your server when a case is opened, closed, or changes state.

In a future release, we will provide a single API that allows you to manage cases from both the old and new eBay Buyer Protection systems.

The new eBay Buyer Protection is currently live on the US and UK sites. In September it will be live for DE as well.

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DE Sellers with Under 50 Feedback Must Include PayPal

Starting Feb 25, 2010, sellers who have less then 50 feedback and want to list on the German site, are now required to provide PayPal as one of the payment options. Otherwise the listing will fail. PayPal does not need to be the ONLY payment option.

The PayPal option is not required for Cars or Real Estate listings.

Developers can help sellers comply with the new requirement by flagging non-compliant listings for their review. Also by offering bulk editing tools to so sellers can search live listings and revise.

For more information, see the DE announcement and the DE Info Hub.

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New Recoupment Agreement for Cross-Border Sellers

As of 657 (mid-Feb), sellers registered on Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore sites will need to accept an agreement before they can list on the US and UK sites. For example, an HK seller would need to accept an agreement before listing for the first time on the US site. Otherwise those listings will be blocked. Sellers registered on other sites may be served this agreement in the future if we expand this requirement.

The agreement must be accepted on the site, but the API will provide which sites require those agreements (GeteBayDetails), and what agreements users have accepted (GetUser). You can use this to verify in advance that sellers are eligible to list on the US or UK sites.

More information:
US Agreement
UK Agreement

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Important Update for Developers in Technology Categories for US and CA

eBay will soon enable catalogs for a number of categories in US and CA. We want to make sure that this has minimal impact to your application and your sellers, so we will be running some small tests first.

Test 1 - June 29

The first test will be June 29, when we enable catalogs in the Video Cards category. The changes will be live the morning of June 30.

Video Cards catalog:
Computers & Networking > PC Components > For Desktops > Graphics, Video & TV Cards > Graphics, Video Cards (3762)

Update 30 June, 2009: The Video Cards changes are now live. If you notice any issues with your application in this category, please contact us

Test 2 - July 8

The second test will be July 8, when we enable catalogs in CPUs, Motherboards, Hubs&Switches, and Keyboards.

CPUs Catalog:
Mapped Categories:
Computer & Networking > PC Components > For Desktops > CPUs (3671) > AMD (15918) > 11 leaf categories
Computer & Networking > PC Components > For Desktops > CPUs (3671) > Cyrix  (3675)
Computer & Networking > PC Components > For Desktops > CPUs (3671) > Intel (14291) > 16 leaf categories
Computer & Networking > PC Components > For Laptops & Notebooks > CPUs (86711) > AMD (86712)
Computer & Networking > PC Components > For Laptops & Notebooks > CPUs (86711) > Intel (99251)

Motherboards Catalog:
Mapped Categories:
Computer & Networking > PC Components > For Desktops > Motherboards (4613) > For AMD (101195) > 16 leaf categories
Computer & Networking > PC Components > For Desktops > Motherboards (4613) > For Intel (101198) > 23 leaf categories
Computer & Networking > PC Components > For Laptops & Notebooks > Motherboards (60265)

Keyboards Catalog:
Mapped Categories:
Computer & Networking > Keyboards, Mice & Input > Keyboards (33963) > 10 leaf categories

Networking Hubs & Switches Catalog:
Mapped Categories:
Computer & Networking > Networking & Communications > Networking Hubs (11178) > 4 leaf categories
Computer & Networking > Networking & Communications > Network Switches (51268)

Possible Issues

We have thoroughly tested this change, and do not expect any breaking changes to your application. However, we can't anticipate all of the ways in which the API is used, so are giving you advance warning so you can keep an eye out for issues.

If you do notice any issues with your application in these categories, please contact us.

Why Catalogs are Important

Catalogs provide additional technical and descriptive information about your item, without the seller having to enter it manually. That info makes the item easier to find in search, and can answer many buyer questions about the item without the buyer having to contact the seller. Catalogs can even provide a stock photo. We think catalogs are a very good thing.

We appreciate your working with us as we move to bring more catalogs to eBay.

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Get Your Items into New Markets: Global Buying Hub

eBay has just launched the revamped Global Buying Hub! The hub makes it easier for buyers to find items that they can purchase and have shipped to them.

Localized Search Page

Great for Buyers

  • The eBay interface is localized in your language. These languages are currently supported, and more are coming soon:
    • English
    • Spanish
    • German
    • French
    • Chinese (Trad)
    • Japanese
    • Hungarian
    • Greek
    • Czech
    • Danish
    • Finnish
    • Norwegian
    • Portuguese (Br)
  • Find out early if there are any additional taxes or duties that apply to your purchase. You won't get an unexpected surprise.

Great for Sellers

  • Get access to markets you previously haven't had access to, for example, Norway and Czech Republic.
  • eBay is doing additional advertising and marketing to get your items exposure.
  • You may already be showing up here. If you aren't, a quick update to your ship to region will make you show up.
  • When buyers leave feedback, they'll be reminded that it was a cross-border transaction. This should help protect your DSRs.

Great for Developers

  • No code changes needed. Your sellers just need to specify that they ship to the applicable region.

The Gory Details

  • To show up for a given user, you just need to make sure you ship to that region.
  • If you specify you ship to "Europe," eBay will show your listing on GBH to all buyers who set a European contry as their default country. This includes countries that have dedicated eBay sites like UK, and also countries without a dedicated site like Greece.
  • The eBay interface and purchase flow is localized for the buyer's language, but not the Item Description area.

Localized View Item Page

How GBH is Different from International Site Visibility (ISV)


  • Exposure on GBH is free.
  • There is a fee for ISV—though less than the cost of individual listings on multiple sites.


  • Buyers must do the search from the GBH site to see your listing
  • ISV listings will show up in the default search for that eBay site


  • For GBH, specify a value for ShippingRegion in AddItem
  • For ISV, specify a value in the CrossBorderTrade field in AddItem

Try the Global Buying Hub out yourself at

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New Way for Buyers to Correct Feedback

Lorrie Norrington announced in July that we would be rolling out a new process this month to resolve issues with buyers, even after a buyer has left negative feedback. Everybody makes mistakes—buyers and sellers alike—and buyers should have a mechanism to change feedback if they make a mistake or if the seller rectifies an issue in a timely manner.

Unlike with our previous Mutual Feedback Withdrawal system, our new process will enable buyers to change their feedback of the seller, not just withdraw the rating.  DSR ratings can also be revised.

AU  has announced that they will be releasing this feature Oct 13. US will be  releasing this feature the week of Oct 20.

Note that you cannot request feedback revision through the API. You must request it from the eBay site.

Update (9 Oct, 2008): For more details, see this announcement:
A Message from Brian Burke: Feedback Revision Launches Soon

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The South East Asia Developers Program website is here!

Petronas towers in Malaysia

We are pleased to announce the launch of the South East Asia Developers Program hub. This new website has been designed for providing important program information to our developers located in South East Asia.

The SEA Developers Program launched their site with an exciting eBay & PayPal Developer Challenge for legal residents of Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand. eBay & PayPal developers are competing for up to $25,000 SGD in cash prizes.  To participate concept submissions must be made by August 23rd through the online registration form.  Winners will be announced September 26th, so check back here to see the cool applications that the winners came up with.

Through our South East Asia Developers Program hub, you will access useful information for jumpstarting the development phase of your application or learning more about program benefits. Technical support will continue to be provided in English by the US-based Developer Technical Support team. Members who have already joined the eBay Developers Program do not need to register again for the SEA one.

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Requiring Specified Shipping Enforced on ES and DE

As mentioned in March and May, eBay is requiring that sellers specify at least one domestic shipping service when listing an item. This increases both buyer satisfaction rates, and DSR scores.

This policy is now being enforced on the Spain (ES) and Germany (DE) sites. Read the German shipping announcement. This policy will be enforced on the US site at the end of July.

See these blog posts for more information on the developer impact:

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