Announcing a Powerful New Open Commerce Platform

As some of you may have already read, we are launching a new open platform business that combines the resources of both eBay and PayPal in one powerful commerce solution. Separately, the eBay and PayPal Developer Communities have done incredible work and continue to wow us every day. But the greatest success stories have always been when we are able to combine the full strength of both platforms and deliver a value proposition that enriches your products and services. I am very excited about what our new platform business will mean to our Developers and the new opportunities it will create. The team we are assembling under Matthew Mengerink's leadership are dedicated, talented folks who are passionate about helping our Developers and Partners be successful. To hear more from Matthew, see his blog post here:

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More Than 200K Subscribers to Open eBay Apps


The Open eBay Apps program now has more than 200K subscribers. And the number of eBay sellers that subscribe to the apps, which are embedded on the eBay site, is growing.

The numbers came from Tina Mazzei and Anand Gangadharan during a presentation at the PayPal X Developer Conference. I was excited to hear about the growth because I'm a contributor to the Open eBay documentation for developers. Tina explained to the audience that in the Open eBay program, "we bring the customers to you."

As Anand said, "eBay does a lot of the heavy lifting" for third parties. This includes handling marketing through the Apps Center and handling billing through PayPal.

The Open eBay apps include the new eBay Listing Analytics application, which is free.

Sellers use Open eBay apps right on the site. Many of the apps reduce sellers' operational costs. For third parties who want to write Open eBay apps, "the most important part is to be a customer-centric provider," and earn good ratings, Anand said.  

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Overcoming the Challenges of Cross-Platform Development

Overcoming the Challenges of Cross-Platform Development PayPal x


This was a engaging town hall type session, featuring representatives from eBay, PayPal, and LinkedIn.


The following are some of the major bullet points of what was discussed today.


What products are PayPal doing?


Consumer Application

    Send/Invoince Money

    In-person payments via Bump

Merchant Checkout

    In app, rich authentication

    1-click payment, sign up and sign in

    Single Integration

    Auto-Detect mobile web


PayPal's global perspective

    Looking at trends worldwide

    Emerging markets is where mobile payments is taking off


Platform Survey


        Flagship platform for PayPal

        Easier for C/C++ & Mac developers

        Walled garden

            Good: Protected, unoform platform

            Bad: TOS causes confusion with every change


        Flagshio platform by 2011

        Easier for Java Developers

        Fragemtation - only going to get worse

        "Open Platform"

            Good: Flexible and adaptable

            Bad: Evolving security model

Mobile Web

    Mobile Web helps with portability

    Rendering technology helps with fragmentation

    Webkit has paved the way for great experience

    HTML5 brings rich experience



    LinkedIn 3.0 for iphone launched this year

    Professionals are rarely at their desks

    In one year from now, the mobile web to be ubiquitous throughout various platforms



    Selling an item every second, selling 2-3 Ferrari's a month

    Upgrades to apps are being 100% adapted within a month of availability

    On all platforms via NetBiscuits

    1200 unique devices hit the mobile website per month

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PayPal Apps: Ready to Go


Open eBay Apps developers and other ambitious developers, take note: PayPal Apps is here and awaiting your apps. PayPal Apps uses the same OpenSocial gadgets framework you used for your Open eBay app, and the sandbox at is open for experimentation.

Similarly to Open eBay Apps, PayPal apps run in IFrames within the PayPal interface, where they can be seen by PayPal users when the program is released.

After you get your app working in the sandbox at, you can submit it to be reviewed by PayPal. The PayPal Apps team will vet your app's UI, reliability, and security, and support, and you're ready to launch.

What kind of apps are appropriate? Your PayPal app should be PayPal-adjacent, like the three that were demo'd today at PayPal X. Terapeak (a veteran presence in the eBay Apps Directory) is running a transaction history analytics app on PayPal now. Plastic Jungle has a gift card exchange app. Shipwire has an on-demand shipping and order automation app for merchants who use PayPal. All three apps are great fits with PayPal.

If you have an app idea, go get started with PayPal Apps here:

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Alphabet Soup = #custserv = $: Creating a CRM with IPN

Xinnovate 148 Presented by Star Developer Award winner Chuck Hudson of Aduci ( in the Tech Playground supporting the concurrent #xinnovate hackathon.

IPN = PayPal Instant Payment Notification
CRM = Customer Relationship Management

Focus for this session: Transaction type = cart

Tip: Remove data order considerations from your parsing because different cart IPNs may have different ordering.

Using IPN to create a CRM is a simple and elegant as using IPN fields like txn_id, txn_type, payer_id, payment_status to segment on customer data and type of notice.

Start grouping and parsing customer data to see order trends and identify repeat customers. This is the start of a valuable CRM system.

IPN timestamps are returned in Pacific time. Recommend converting to UNIX time for easier manipulation.

Sometimes you can miss an IPN, so it's a good idea to do regularly reconcile individual IPNs with a history report. IPNs have unique transation IDs you can use to resolve duplicates.

Also watch out for special characters. Best practice: stip or substitute special characters before you start processing.

On, use the IPN generator tool to generate IPNs for testing and debugging.

Find code samples from the session here: (login required)

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Eagerly waiting for PayPal Innovate 2010 to start

Aug25 246

I am with PayPal X Platform team working on B2B commercial payments. B2B payment space is an exciting new frontier for PayPal and I am working with eBay/PayPal’s suppliers to introduce them to the benefits of accepting PayPal as a new payment method.  PayPal payments are processed in real time, offer greater transaction visibility and provide detailed remittance report. In working with external suppliers, I onboard them onto this pilot program, respond to their various enquiries, collect feedback from them, and collate the information for internal analysis and work with internal stakeholders to help design better internal processes.

Outside of PayPal, I spend every moment with my two lovely daughters and husband. Cooking is my passion and I love to try different cuisines from different parts of the world.

I am really excited to attend PayPal X Innovate 2010. It’s right around the corner on Oct 26 and 27 at the Moscone West, San Francisco. I am looking forward to meeting the developers and learn from them how they are utilizing the platform products and services. Come join me, you can’t miss this: See you soon...

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eBay Greater China Developers Conference: Aug 27


Update (Aug 11): Due to popular demand, this event has sold out! Watch the blog for more events like these.

Join us for the 3rd annual eBay Greater China Developers Conference

邀您加入第三届 eBay 大中华区开发者大会

尊敬的 eBay 开发者、卖家、合作伙伴,

“eBay 大中华区开发者大会 “ 是 eBay 在中国举办的一年一度的 eBay 开发者聚会, 2010 年将是其第三次举办。

您将有机会结识数百名电子商务技术同行和 eBay 及 PayPal 的技术专家,探讨如何充分利用 eBay 的跨国电子商务交易平台,更有效地开发自己的应用,用技术创造财富。

本次大会 , 将主要介绍 eBay 2010 及 2011 全球技术走势 , 展示 eBay 最新的 API 商业潜力 , 纵览 PayPal 系统集成方案 , 并且分享 eBay API 系统架构及优化经验等。 [ 查看详情 ]


  • eBay 和 PayPal 的 API 开发者及感兴趣者
  • 拥有技术团队或希望组建技术团队的 eBay 卖家
  • eBay 和 PayPal 的技术合作伙伴


日期: 2010 年 8 月 27 日 (星期五)

时间: 08:30 – 18:00



填写 报名表 (姓名,公司,职位, Email ,手机号码)

大会完全免费,名额有限,请在报名截止日期 8 月 10 日前从速报名。

Register Now

注册本大会过程中如有任何疑问,请电邮至 DL-eBay-CBT-API(at)

Dear eBay Developer, Seller, and Guest,

We extend to you a cordial invitation to attend the eBay Greater China Developers Conference.

eBay Greater China Developers Conference is an annual event for affiliate developers and entrepreneurs in Greater China who build innovate e-Commerce applications with eBay and PayPal API platforms. 2010 marks the third year of this technical event.

Sessions at the conference provide you with an opportunity to hear about the latest advancements in applications for eBay, the world's largest online marketplace. Through discussion with other developers and entrepreneurs, you can enhance your techniques for developing an app which best fits the marketplace. [See Details]

Who Should Attend?

  • Developers targeting at developing advanced and profitable apps for eBay and PayPal users
  • Entrepreneurs who are eager to grow their businesses with eBay and PayPal
  • Anyone who is interested in the latest trends for eBay and the e-commerce world

When and Where

Date: August 27th, 2010 (Friday)

Time: 08:30 – 18:00

Place: Shenzhen (details to be included in the confirmation letter after you sign up for the event)

How Do I Register?

The event is free. Registration closes on August 10, 2010.

To sign up for the event, please fill in the online registration form.

Register Now

For enquiries please email us at DL-eBay-CBT-API(at)

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The second PayPal X Developer Challenge is now officially open!

We're excited to announce PayPal's second Dev Challenge! They're rewarding the most innovative payments applications that leverage the PayPal X platform. PayPal is also expanding the contest with new sponsors and more prizes: in addition to the $100,000 grand prize for the most innovative idea, and also offering $10,000 PayPal X category Awards. The X Awards, issued by PayPal and its partners, will be awarded to developers who create an app or service that directly impacts its users’ daily lives in a certain category. These include:

Best application that leverages PayPal X’s Mobile Payments Library;

Best application built by university students;

Best consumer application;

Best application that promotes cross-border commerce;

Best application that takes advantage of Yahoo!’s platform;

Best application that takes advantage of eBay’s platform.

In addition, we’re also introducing two community-based awards – the People’s Choice and the 2010 Innovate Awards. The People’s Choice winners will be selected by the PayPal X online community and the top finalists will be invited to exhibit at PayPal X Innovate 2010. The 2010 Innovate Award winner will be selected by attendees of the PayPal X Innovate 2010 [hyperlink to].

So if you’re a developer interested in working with PayPal's APIs and want to be rewarded for your great idea. A complete list of PayPal X APIs is also on More information is in the full press release [include link], and you can keep up with the contest by friending us on Facebook and joining the Twitter conversation at @PayPalX and #XContest.

And if you register for the Challenge by August 4 at 11:59pm PDT, you could win one of 10 iPads. All the contest timeline and deadline details are on

The big winners will be announced at PayPal X Innovate 2010 on October 26-27 at Moscone West in San Francisco!

Good Luck!

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My Favorite Photo from eBay DevCon 2010


Check out more eBay DevCon 2010 conference photos on Flickr:

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Great Demo of the eBay Selling Team's New Listing APIs

BulkMgr In the Day 2 Bulk Editing and Relisting session, Scot Hamilton and Paul Henry from eBay's Seller Platform talked about new selling APIs they're working on.

They showed a demo of the new bulk editing tool on eBay, and they ran various live API requests to demonstrate how the new logic works and what you'll see in the API response.

Here are just a few of the useful features you'll get when these APIs roll out in 2011:

Context-Sensitive Dependencies and Metadata
You can submit a draft listing with a title, category, and other data you know. In the response, eBay returns details like the item condition options that the category supports. (No need to call GetCategoryFeatures ahead of time.)

Or suppose you decide to add Best Offer to a listing. You submit a modified draft, and eBay returns dependent fields (such as the best offer auto-accept price). So, again, you don't need to check in advance whether the category supports auto-accept. Later, if you remove Best Offer, eBay removes the dependent fields for you and tells you what changed.

Depending on your use case, you might never need to code field dependencies or cache site- or category-specific metadata yourself at all!

Fee Calculations
The new APIs are expected to offer the same real-time, detailed fee calculations that you see in eBay's bulk editing tool. If you make changes to a draft listing, the fees are recalculated as well.

View Item Preview URL
These APIs will offer a View Item preview URL in case the seller wants to see what an listing will look like on eBay before the listing goes live.

Bulk Changes Across a Set of Listings
In addition to supporting many listings in a single request, the APIs will enable you to apply homogeneous edits across a set of listings or templates. For example, you can say that field A should be X% higher than field B across all the specified listings.

You can also get the total fees across a set of listings.

Keep an eye on the Developers Program blog for more information about the new APIs in the future!

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