721 Trading, Shopping, Merchant Data API Docs Now Available

Please remember to use a test environment when updating applications to use a new schema version.

To find out when a version of the API will be available, see the table at the top of the Release Notes for that API.

You can find the latest API documentation at the eBay Developer Documentation Center.


Trading Release Notes

Release Highlights

See the Trading API System Announcements for bug fixes included in this release.


Shopping Release Notes

See the Shopping API System Announcements for bug fixes included in this release.

Merchant Data

Merchant Data Release Notes

Release Highlights

See the Large Merchant Services API System Announcements for bug fixes included in this release.

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Churning out e-commerce apps with Salesforce.com

In a collaborative session, Cloud Conversion and Salesforce.com made the case for using Salesforce.com to develop e-commerce apps, including eBay and PayPal apps. The case: compared to the normal app development cycle, it's easier, cheaper, and simpler to develop, maintain, and adapt these kinds of apps using Salesforce.com.

Cloud Conversion uses Salesforce.com to build very adaptable apps that run in the Salesforce.com cloud. Salesforce.com's pre-built components shorten the dev cycle, because components like security and support for multiple languages, currencies, and devices are already built and available for the app to use. Cloud Conversion created eCommSource, which leverages Salesforce.com customer service and support to manage an eBay seller's subscribers.

Cloud Conversion likes the Salesforce.com IDE, too--it lets them assemble app components in a graphical interface.

Things to check out:

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How to deal with the fast approaching Open Identity!

A User Who Came in From the cloud: How to Deal with the Fast-Approaching Open Identity Paradigms.  Best Practices for Relying Parties.  Farhang Kassaei Web

Problem: Managing Digital Identity
  •   We have too many accounts with too many passwords.  This is too difficult to manage for users, and its costly to secure for service providers.  Its insecure, tought to use and expensive.  Makes you think why we did this to begin with.
  • This is also a problem for businesses (e.g. eBay Sellers), who use multiple applications such as:  Market research, Ordering and SCM, Marketing, Promotions, Pre Sales, Inventory, CRM, etc.

Solution: Federated Identity

  •     What does Federated Identity mean?  Outsource the management of identities and their attributes to someone else.  This someone else has to be trustworthy, reliable (operational worth), complimentary to your business and not a competitor.  This someone else is the Identity provider, you are the relying party, and your customers are the consumers.

Gerneral Architecture Model - oAuth, Facebook Connect, OpenID

  •   Your consumer goes to your federated sign in page, and your app asks the consumer, which Identity Provider to use (eg Paypal, eBay, Facebook, etc).  The IDP provides an authorization token, which allows your consumer to consume the pages that are in your app.

Relying Party Best Practices

  •   Choose the right Identity Provider.  They should be business worthy, operational worthy, trustworthy.  The criteria includes type of identity, and profile data.  Quality of Idenityt profile data, Assurance level for Identity data.
  •   Contain the IDP Token.  Create your own STS and make that the "currency of the land".  Don't expose all of your services with the IDP.
  •   Understand the Protocol.  Do you need a prior relationship to register with the IDP?  Can you request extended attributes?  Can you make "back channel" calls in User Not Present mode?  Do you need to register a call back URL?  Do you need to exchange secretes with the IDP?  Do you need to run IDP code on your servers?
  •   Decide what you are relying on the IDP for.  Registration pre-fill.  Complimentary Identity Provider.  Exclusive Identity Provider.  Checkout and Transaction identity.  Confirmation, Assurance Reputation, Credit Decision.  Low consequence actvities like blog posts, etc.
  •   Link Accounts and give user control. In your account section, let people view thier primary identity provider, change it if they need to.
  •   Manage Session Properly.  Respect IDP's advice about token expiration.  Create your own session, do not reuse IDP session.  Protect IDP's token, do not put i in a cookie.  Implement a log out and report it to the IDP.

What happens when the user forgets their password?

  •   If users forget their password and cannot retrieve it with the IDP, should they be locked out of your service?  You should capture and manage one or more local secretes (eg. Secrete Questions etc)  Allow users to unlink the old IDP account from local accoutn and/or link with new ones.

The size of the federation Matters.

  •   What does this mean?  Let's say the user is logged into your application, now, and on the user's behalf, your app needs to:
  1. Access eBay API to create a listing.
  2. Paypal API later to get reports or issue refund
  3. FaceBook API to add it to users fan page
  4. Supply Chain Service they use to order more.

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Tracking and Testing for Ajax and Heavy Client Web 2.0

Mark Boyd at the Beer BashTracking and Testing for Ajax and Heavy Client Web 2.0

Tripod, AJAX, cgi is all you need to track visitors to your listings. You don't need your own hardware and you can get started quickly!

  • Use Tripod for free hosting
  • Pixel tracking via cgi (See Sample)
  • A/B testing to discover best usability choices
  • Go slow with one control and one treatment groups (50/50)
  • Increment treatment group to detect group interaction


Dan Power

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We heard your requests! Several API enhancements

The 653 Version of the Trading API with Developer-Requested API Enhancements is now available!

Enhancements in this release include:

Shipping: Tracking Number and Carrier Used

Tracking Number and Carrier Used are now returned by GetOrders and GetOrderTransactions for both Trading and Half.com. On Half.com, you can use the GetOrders and GetOrderTransactions calls to retrieve unshipped Half.com orders, such as orders that the seller has received but has not yet processed.

New VerifyRelistItem Call

The new VerifyRelistItem request allows you to preview the response and fees for an item you want to relist, before you make the actual RelistItem call. This call requests and returns the same data as RelistItem (same inputs, same outputs, and same usage rules), but without actually listing the item to an eBay site.

Applications can use this call to test the definition of an item before actually listing it to eBay with RelistItem, reducing item listing-related errors.

VerifyOnly Field for ReviseItem

You can use the VerifyOnly boolean field with the flag set to 'true', if you want the response to include the calculated listing price change (if there is an increase in the BIN/Start price) but you do not want the values to persist in the database. See ReviseItem for more details.

Including the VerifyOnly field in ReviseItem is similar to using VerifyAddItem or VerifyRelistItem.

GetPromotionalSaleDetails Enhancement to Filter by Status

A new input field, PromotionalSaleStatus, has been added to GetPromotionalSaleDetails call to restrict the promotional sales returned to those that match the specified status only.

Sellers Can Subscribe to Notification for SellerClosedDisputes

Previously, Buyers have been able to subscribe to get notified when a seller has closed a listing dispute. Now the Seller can also subscribe to the SellerClosedDisputes notification. For more information, see options for platform notification.

Updates to GetMyeBaySelling

In response to your product feedback, these enhancements have been made to GetMyeBaySelling:

  • Listings with variations now return Variation.StartPrice.
  • A new OrderStatusFilter in the request enables you to filter SoldList based on whether transactions have been marked as Paid and/or Shipped in My eBay.
For more information about the contents of the 653 release, see the Trading API release notes.
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Make Selling Manager Applications Part of Your New Years Resolutions

It’s a new year. What will you build in 2010?

We have had a very busy year working on the Selling Manager Applications program. We’ve grown to 34 available applications (with more getting ready to launch!) and enhanced the Selling Applications Directory to better market your applications!

Meeting Sellers' Needs

Selling Manager Applications are all about meeting the Seller’s needs. Helping them do and manage their business easier, faster, stronger. Sellers are regular people,trying to earn a living. Life gets in the way. Many of them do not have a technical background and are looking to Selling Manager Applications to solve problems and make it easier for them to earn money.

Let’s face it. Everyone wants to earn money.

Sellers are looking for the best cost-benefit in your applications. In a recent Seller survey, many Sellers said they don’t have a lot of money and are very price sensitive. Given the economy, this should not be a surprise to any of us. Some Sellers said they are not technical and need applications that are easy to use, configure and manage.

When you build your application, keep in mind the different technical skills of the Sellers; your customers:

  • Would a Quick Reference Guide help Sellers configure your application faster or easier?
  • Would a 30 second video describing the most compelling features of your Selling Manager Application help increase Seller subscriptions of your application?

Make us part of your New Years resolutions!

Submit your Selling Manager Application Business Readiness Review and Billing information by Jan 10th in order to go live by mid-February 2010. Based on our research, we think email management, customer management, shipping and fulfillment, bulk editing of listings, UPI process management, picture management, profitability analysis, and inventory management are all pretty good bets for new Selling Manager Applications. But that doesn't mean you can’t use your imagination and create other application types. Social networking or providing special filtering are some additional areas. Surprise us! Show us what you’ve got!

Read the eBay's Next Gen Platform Opportunity blog entry for an overview of the program and benefits.

  • View Lead Product Manager, Selling Manager Applications project, Madhu Gupta’s presentation deck here,
  • Learn more about Selling Manager Applications here.

eBay Developers who have created Selling Manager Applications include:

  • MyStoreCredit - helps Sellers provide buyers with a positive experience through follow-up e-mails that include shopping rewards, such as a 10% off coupon on their next purchase.
  • Outright – a free Web service that tracks all Seller income and expenses to get taxes done accurately and on time to help you avoid costly fines from the IRS.
  • vzaar - allows Sellers to quickly and easily add video to their eBay listings for a more dynamic shopping experience.
  • Read their, and other, Success Stories at:http://developer.ebay.com/programs/Success-Stories/home.html

Get started today! Review our documentation and see if this opportunity is a fit for you.

Grow with us in 2010!

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We are 9! The 9th Anniversary of the eBay Developers Program

Many changes have taken place since our 8th anniversary:

  • In August 2009, eBay opened its new App Store for Sellers, offering developers the ability to embed their business productivity applications in My eBay, where hundreds of thousands of eBay Sellers currently manage their online business.
  • As of Q3 2009, the eBay Developers Program has grown to more than 100,000 members who have created over 13,000 live applications.
  • More than 60% of all eBay.com listings come through eBay Web services, with over 30% coming through third-party tools via the eBay Developers Program.
  • In Q3 2009, the eBay Platform handled over 27 billion Web service requests.
  • Five developers were honored this year with annual eBay Star Developer Awards for improving user experience, helping sellers adapt to rapid improvements in eBay Marketplaces, providing product input that improves the API platform for the eBay developer community, and more.

2009 eBay Star Developer Awards winners are:

Thank you all for another great year! :-)

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Updates to Summer 2009 Release: Part 1 of 2

On July 29, 2009, Laurel posted an announcement about the July 2009 updates. In this two part entry, we highlight the features that were released since then.(For the change details with each API version, see the API Release Notes.)

Because there have been many updates, this topic will be split into two entries.

  1. This first entry includes:

    Best Match

    New Feature: Gallery Plus Pictures
    Doc changes: Updated Value for SellerBusinessType Item Filter
    Reminder of what changed in Best Match

    Editing Live Items (ELI)

    [627] New TransactionID Field for GetItem Request
    Platform Notification changes and client alerts


    New: Gallery Plus Pictures
    Updated Value for SellerBusinessType Item Filter
    eBay Top-rated Seller
    Clarifications in Documentation for Unpaid Item Disputes
    Multi-Variation Listings: GetSellerEvents and Other Enhancements
    [629] Multi-Variation Listings: GetSellerEvents and Other Enhancements

  2. The second entry (to be published on, or around, December 17) will include:

    Items with Variations

    • [629] Multi-Variation Listings: GetSellerEvents and Other Enhancements

    Listing Enhancements

    • [627] Changes to ListingFeatureDetails and Some Listing Features to Be Removed and Restricted

    Selling Manager Applications

    • ShippingCarrierUsed: Type Change
    • LeaveFeedback and Shipping API Detailed Seller Ratings (DSRs)

    Top-Rated Sellers

    • Reminder: Return Policy and Handling Time Required When You Renew GTC Listings

If you would like details on the July 2009 Update, please refer to the following links and to the API Release Notes.

Seller Resources

Best Match

Please see the BestMatchItemDetails API release notes for details.

[1.2.0] New Feature: Gallery Plus Pictures

[1.2.0] Doc changes: Updated Value for SellerBusinessType Item Filter

Reminder of what changed in Best Match (Details)

  • New listing performance score for Fixed Price to replace recent sales
  • New multi-quantity and single-quantity Fixed Price listings will be given exposure in Best Match
  • Titles are more important than ever
  • Seller performance continues to count
  • Shipping cost continues to count
  • No changes to Auction-style listings
  • Optimized by category

Editing Live Items (ELI)

 [627 ] New TransactionID Field for GetItem Request

    • As part of the Edit Live Items feature, a new TransactionID field was added to the GetItemRequest call. This new field will allow both Sellers and Buyers to retrieve a listing as it was at the time of a given purchase by invoking GetItem with a TransactionID in the request (even if the seller has made significant revisions to the listing, following the purchase).
    • Sellers are also able to make revisions to their multi-quantity fixed price listings after a purchase has been made (currently, Sellers can not change their multi-quantity fixed price listings, after at least one item in the listing has been purchased).
    • Sellers are able to view the updated listing for each transaction, but Buyers are only able to view the transactional version of a listing where they are the successful buyer. Past transactional views of an item will be available for up to 90 days from the date the transaction took place.

[635] Platform Notification changes and client alerts

    • Changes to the GetItemTransaction API call may cause a change to the behavior of the following Platform Notifications: EndOfAction, AuctionCheckoutComplete, FixedPriceEndOfTransaction, CheckoutBuyerRequestTotal, FixedPriceTransaction, Checkout, FixedPriceTransactionForSeller, FixedPriceTransactionForBuyer, ItemMarkedAsShipped, and ItemMarkedAsPaid.
    • The following Client Alerts may have a behavior change as a result of this project: EndOfAuction, FixedPriceEndOfTransaction, FixedPriceTransaction, ItemSold, and ItemWon. Each notification will now be based on the state of the item (a 'snapshot' of the item) at the time the transaction was created.


Finding API - see the Finding API release notes for details.

[1.1.0] New: Gallery Plus Pictures

[1.1.0] Updated Value for SellerBusinessType Item Filter

[1.0.1] eBay Top-rated Seller

With the launch of the Top-rated Sellers program, buyers can find items listed by the highest quality sellers on eBay based on the feedback of other buyers. The sellerInfo node in the search results (searchResult.item.sellerInfo) for the "findItems" calls now includes the topRatedSeller field to indicate (true or false) whether the seller of an item qualifies as an eBay Top-rated Seller. Additionally, a new TopRatedSellerOnly item filter has been added to limit search results to items listed by Top-rated Sellers only.

Note the following site restrictions:

  • The searchResult.SellerInfo.topRatedSeller field in the response for the finding calls is supported for the following sites only: US (EBAY-US), Motors (EBAY-MOTOR), DE (EBAY-DE), AT (EBAY-AT), and CH (EBAY-CH).
  • The TopRatedSellerOnly item filter is supported for the following sites only: US (EBAY-US), Motors (EBAY-MOTOR), UK (EBAY-GB), IE (EBAY-IE), DE (EBAY-DE), AT (EBAY-AT), and CH (EBAY-CH).

Top-rated sellers consistently receive highest buyers' ratings, ship items quickly, and have earned a track record of excellent service. eBay regularly reviews the performance of these sellers to confirm they continue to meet the program's requirements. See the Top-rated Sellers page on the eBay site for more information.

Trading API - See the Trading API release notes for details.

[643] Clarifications in Documentation for Unpaid Item Disputes

  • Version 639 release notes surveyed various process changes for Unpaid Item Disputes.
  • Support for the old process will be removed around March 2010, so please migrate your UPI dispute code to work with the new process.
  • How do you know whether the newer or older process applies to your disputes or not? It is all about the request version. If you created a UPI dispute with a request version lower than 637, the old timelines apply and the various platform notifications for messaging are still supported. But if the request version is 637 or greater, the new timelines apply.
  • Further, since AddDisputeResponse can no longer be used (for 637 or greater) for buyer or seller communication, these notifications are no longer triggered: BuyerResponseDispute, SellerRespondedToDispute.
  • See Newer versus Older Unpaid Item Disputes Process - a before/after table of facts.

[639] New Features for 639

  • Multiple-Package Details for a Single Item
  • Selling Manager Calls: No Integration with eBay.com Is Required
  • Unpaid Item Disputes: Process Change

[629 ] Multi-Variation Listings: GetSellerEvents and Other Enhancements

GetSellerEvents now returns variation details in Item.Variations, including StartPrice, Quantity, and QuantitySold, plus SKU and/or VariationSpecifics. Multiple variations are returned together in the same Variations node (similar to GetItem).

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Win up to $150,000 for PayPal X applications! Registration Deadline Dec 16

Want a Chance at a Little Extra Spending Money?The PayPal X Developer Challenge contest might be just the ticket!

Create the most innovative app using PayPal's new Adaptive APIs. Enter and get your application reviewed by the judges. Increase your application's exposure!

This is a great opportunity to have your application reviewed by respected technology visionaries! Take a chance. Enter!

The Judges

  • Pierre Omidyar, Co-founder and Founding Partner, Omidyar Network
  • Marc Andreessen, Co-founder, Netscape, Opsware, and Ning, Inc.
  • Scott Thompson, President, PayPal
  • Roelof Botha, Venture Capitalist, Sequoia Capital

The Challenge

Using the newly launched PayPal X APIs, create the most innovative payment app for businesses in areas such as services, social media, gaming, mobile and consumer electronics.

The Prizes

  • First Prize: US$50,000 cash + up to US$50,000 in waived transaction fees
  • Second Prize: US$25,000 + up to US$25,000 in waived transaction fees

Details and registration for the PayPal Developer Challenge

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GlobalGiving: 'Innovate for Good' Contest

GlobalGiving Launches Developer Program with Its ‘Innovate for Good’ Contest with eBay

In partnership with eBay, GlobalGiving is giving developers the opportunity to show their creativity and talent in a way that has big social impact and major visibility through the GlobalGiving and eBay platforms using either GlobalGiving or eBay APIs—or both.

The winning developer will win an all-expenses-paid trip to visit a GlobalGiving project in one of many exotic project locations around the globe!

GlobalGiving, a nonprofit funded by Omidyar Network, is an eBay-like platform for giving to specific, grassroots social and environmental projects located around the world.Entries will be reviewed by a high-profile panel of judges including Kumar Kandaswamy, Head of eBay Developers Program, Mari Kuraishi, Founder and President of GlobalGiving, and Adam Hirsch Community Director of Mashable.

Entries are being accepted now through March 3rd, 2010. Winners will be announced March 19th, 2010. Get started now!

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