Finding API Migration

The Developers Program launched the Finding API in July 2009. Today Finding API is successfully serving over 130 millions of requests daily. We are ready for our next critical milestone – support all developers to fully migrate to Finding API to take advantage of the eBay’s next generation search technology used to power the eBay site search ; and deprecate Trading APIs: GetSearchResults and GetCategoryListings, and Shopping APIs: FindItemsAdvanced and FindItems. These APIs will stop working after October 2011.

To better support developers’ migration, asks and needs, we have been focusing on Finding API for new and enhanced features, as well as technical support. Meanwhile the deprecation of Trading and Shopping Search APIs has started since January 2011. Although those four API calls are still working till October, developers should have noticed that the deprecated API calls and related schema have been removed from the public WSDL and XSD files. Related documentation has also been removed. These calls are also being removed from SDKs.  For adoption of newer version SDKs after April 2011, the deprecated types will no longer be accessible. A warning message will be returned by these API calls after June 2011, indicating the API is scheduled to be removed. Your application might be broken if it doesn’t follow eBay requirements for error handling. The search capabilities provided by these calls are supported in the Finding API. If you're building new search applications, start with the Finding API. If you have applications that use these calls, please migrate your item search functions to the Finding API.


Why Finding API?

The Finding API leverages eBay’s next generation search technology and have been designed to provide greater flexibility, better performance and scalability. Increased search relevancy and parity with the eBay site search features are some of the highlights of the new API. The latest Best Match and Fitment algorithms are available in Finding API. A series of benchmark testing has been conducted that shows on par performance of Finding API to the Shopping API (FindItemsAdvanced & FindItems); and significant improvement over the Trading API (GetSearchResults & GetCategoryListings).

The following are the functionalities and features added by Finding API for item searches:

1.       Retrieve aspect histograms and filter by aspects and/or domains – supply data by item attributes which enables eBay site alike left navigation as well as search refinement by applying constraints aligned with eBay search classification.

2.       Support new search capabilities:

  • Item Condition histogram and filters
  • Restrict searches to as many as 3 categories at a time
  • Expedited Shipping filters
  • Top-Rated Sellers Only filter
  • Returns Accepted Only filter


3.       Image Search API (findItemsByImage): expend eBay’s capabilities in fashion to developers for the “More Like This” functionality.

4.       Three sizes of gallery image: 140x140, 96x96, 80x80 that users can choose to use based on their application’s needs.

As our commitment to the Developer Community, we are always working continuously and diligently to enable the latest, high performance, world-class eBay search technology and features to Finding API. Enhancements to picture URL, Multi-variations, LocatedIn etc. filters and more will be released in May.


How to Migrate to Finding API?

The following migration guides map input and output fields for GetSearchResults in the Trading API and FindItemsAdvanced in the Shopping API to the corresponding input and output fields in findItemsAdvanced in the Finding API:

Please contact us for questions or more information on Finding API or migration.



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Tax Reminder for US Affiliate Developers

eBay Developers who are also members of the eBay Partner Network will want to take a look at this post:
For US Publishers Only – Review the Accuracy of Your W9 Information for 1099-Tax Forms by Dec 31, 2010

You will receive a 1099 tax form for the year 2010 from eBay Partner Network if:

  • You are a United States citizen or legal resident and
  • You had $600 or more reportable tax activity for the year 2010

To prepare for this, please log into your eBay Partner Network account and verify that your W9 shows the correct information.

For more information, please see:

For US Publishers Only – Review the Accuracy of Your W9 Information for 1099-Tax Forms by Dec 31, 2010

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Important Updates to the eBay Partner Network

As we announced on the eBay Partner Network blog post on Apr 22nd, we will be rolling out the newest feature and tool release with several upgrades for eBay Partner Network on May 1st. This upgrade includes:

  • New functionality for the Link Generator tool
  • The ability to link your eBay account with your eBay Partner Network account
  • A new way to calculate earnings per click (they are now calculated as earnings per one click vs. per 100 clicks)
  • New business model descriptions (to help us provide you with better customer service tailored to your model when possible)

Please read more about each of these enhancements in this post.

Please note a few more things about this release:

  • Conversion data may update a bit later than usual in the day during the rollout and a few days after (from May 1st to May 5th)
  • The category report will be unavailable during the afternoon of May 1st as we roll out the upgrades (from approximately 1pm to 6pm PST)
  • We will be updating some our click filtering system to include a few additional known bots. This will not affect most publishers, although a few may see a drop in their click numbers

Finally, please note that as of July 1st, we will be winding down our partnership with publishers who directly promote eBay through three types of business models: tier-2 paid search, ad networks, and sub-affiliates. Please read the details about our decision and exactly who it will impact here.

If you have any questions on this, please contact customer service through this link:

The eBay Partner Network Team

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Reminder: Hong Kong and Singapore Affiliate Programs Will Be Shut down on January 31st 2009

Please note that the Hong Kong and Singapore programs will be shut down on January 31st 2009. If you are still active on these programs, we recommend that you stop your campaigns now, as you will not receive any more commissions from February 1st onwards. There will however still be a payout for January activity. Other programs are not affected.

The eBay Partner Network Team

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2008 Tax Info for eBay Affiliates

Dear US Publishers,

We wanted to notify US Publishers of some important information related to your taxes.

At the end of January 2009, you will receive a 1099 tax form from eBay Partner Network if:

  • you are a United States citizen or legal resident and
  • you had $600 reportable tax activity for the year 2008.

eBay Partner Network Forms 1099-MISC will be postmarked via US Postal Service no later than January 31, 2009.

To ensure the accuracy of the 1099-MISC Forms that you will receive from eBay Partner Network, please log-in to your eBay Partner Network account and make sure that you have entered the latest and correct information for your account:

  • your name
  • Tax ID
  • most recent address

You can find additional information about the 1099-MISC Form from the IRS website,

Please note that eBay Partner Network is not authorized to give you any tax advice. Please reach out to a tax advisor to get qualified advice about your taxes.

Warm wishes,
The eBay Partner Network Team

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2009 Changes to Singapore, Hong Kong and India Affiliate Programs

We are making some changes to several of our Asia programs.

We have decided to close down the Singapore and Hong Kong affiliate programs as of February 1, 2009, and make India a more limited invite-only program.

Our Singapore and Hong Kong sites are increasingly focusing their marketing efforts on bringing more sellers, rather than buyers, to their programs. Given that eBay Partner Network is today primarily a buyer-acquisition focused network, we've decided it was best to close these programs for now, until we can better support seller efforts.

Beginning February 1, 2009, we will begin redirecting traffic from geo-targeted affiliate links destined for eBay Hong Kong and eBay Singapore back to Publishers currently geo-targeting traffic to these sites will not have to do anything differently, since we will re-direct this traffic automatically. However, please note that creatives for Hong Kong and Singapore will no longer be available in the eBay Partner Network interface. Publishers not working with these programs will not be affected.

We have also decided to make India a limited invitation-only program. We want to focus in the next few months on growing the Indian program through larger affiliates that have established track records in India or in other emerging countries. Publishers currently accepted in the Indian program will not be affected and will be able to continue to promote the Indian site. New publishers joining eBay Partner Network will no longer see the Indian program as an option upon sign-in and will have to apply separately by contacting customer service if they want to promote the Indian Program.

We expect a minimum impact from these changes given the small number of affiliates currently driving traffic to these countries. If you have concerns or experience any problems during the transition please be sure to let us know by contacting customer service.

Thanks for your continued support!

The eBay Partner Network

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eBay Partner Network site live - Get your new ID now!

The eBay Partner Network site is now live. Sign up today to get your new affiliate ID. As an added bonus for joining early, eBay Partner Network members will get an extra 5% commission during the month of April.

As previously mentioned, eBay affiliates who use Commission Junction must migrate to eBay Partner Network by May 1, 2008 or they will stop getting commissions.

See here for information on how to update your code.

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Congratulations to Our Widget Developers!

The eBay Widget Build-Off Contest was a blast for us to host, and we are very encouraged by the enthusiasm and creativity the developer community has shown us. We want to thank all the developers who have entered their widgets for your passion and courage to show us just how cool eBay widgets can get. In our mind, you are all winners. But the average scores separated the masters from the experts by a sliver. So we want to take this opportunity to share with the rest of our developer community and eBay community whom we’ve chosen as masters of eBay widget development.  Details on the winner widgets and their developers are coming soon.

In no particular order:

Winner:’s gallery + related keywords selection widget

Winner: Ty Kroll's widget for disappearing eBay listings as they end

Winner: Mark Johnson's (Portland Studios) widget with 3D animated flip-the-widget for listing details design

Winner: Thai Huynh's new and improved eBay To Go

Winner: Ben Longoria's shoe rack widget for all the shoe fanatics out there

(Note: winners are subject to signing all necessary paperwork)

Congratulations again to all the winners! And thank you all again for participating in this quick contest and all your hard work :o).  You guys are awesome, and eBay Partner Network will be proud to share the winner widgets with the rest of our affiliate community.

By the way, we’re also opening up nominations for our annual Star Developer Awards. We’ve got five categories this year across eBay, PayPal,, ProStores and Skype:

  • Most Innovative Application
  • Early Adopter
  • Service to the Community
  • Best Design
  • DSR Rockstar (improving customer service)

Please send your nomination to us via email to, no later than Friday, April 11th. Be sure to include:

  • your name and contact info
  • the nominee’s name and contact info
  • the award category, and a brief explanation as to why you think the application is worthy of consideration.

Be sure to put “DevCon Star Developer Award” and the category name in the subject line of your message.

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eBay Partner Network Migration

eBay affiliates who use Commission Junction must migrate to eBay Partner Network by May 1, 2008 or you will stop getting commissions

But relax, it's a very minor code update to use the new eBay Partner Network affiliate tracking values.

And as a reward for early migration, all eBay Partner Network members will get an extra 5% commission during the month of April.

  1. Sign up with eBay Partner Network after April 1, 2008 to get your new tracking ID.
  2. Use your new tracking ID instead of your old tracking ID
  3. Update your tracking partner code

Please click here for details.

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The Art of Affiliate Marketing

Facebook, ah yes, the flagship of open platform social networking sites, the epic dominance of growth in this lucrative online networking environment. With such an enticing prize to be had, why not attempt  conquering your own piece of the Facebook social landscape?

One such intrepid affiliate developer has truly helped the eBay art community reinvent its online presence by plugging it into the Facebook social graph, effectively leveraging the need for self-representation to virally market beautiful pieces of art available for sale on eBay. Appropriately enough, Tuan Le named his Facebook application "ArtFest."

ArtFest has made browsing art listings on eBay  easy, and more intuitive in some cases than eBay's own browsing experience. That plus the vast supply of beautiful paintings for you to showcase and buy surely augments the beauty of one's profile and personal life. Who said "ads" had to be boring and intrusive?

eBay salutes the artistic innovation of Tuan Le and the support of our art community for sprinkling Facebook with a dash of aesthetic enrichment.

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