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Best Practices for eBay Shopping Cart

In addition to Auction-style listings that give buyers the option to bid on items, eBay also offers the Buy It Now option, which lets buyers purchase an item immediately. With the launch of the eBay Shopping Cart, we’re giving buyers another way to shop on eBay. With the eBay Shopping Cart, buyers can now add items to their cart, consider and compare various items, and purchase one or several items from several sellers with a single checkout.

Today's online buyers are accustomed to using a shopping cart to save and compare items in their shopping session, and pay for all of their items in one easy checkout. A shopping cart can encourage buyers to consider other items before checking out and buy more items with each visit. The eBay Shopping Cart is different because it allows buyers to pay for items from both Auction-style and Fixed Price listings.

For sellers, the eBay Shopping Cart offers several benefits. Unpaid items are significantly reduced when the buyer uses the eBay Shopping Cart because items are only removed from the seller’s inventory AFTER the buyer has checked out and paid for the item. When a buyer puts an item from a Buy It Now listing in their eBay Shopping Cart, it is not reserved for that buyer and it is not removed from the seller’s inventory until the item is purchased. 

For items that are listed as both Auction-style listings and Buy It Now, buyers can add the item to their eBay Shopping Cart, but that does not stop other buyers from buying it or placing a bid.

Sellers don’t need to take any special steps to prepare their listings for the eBay Shopping Cart. 

However, here are some best practices that will help sellers make the most of the eBay Shopping Cart. 

  • Specify combined shipping rules in My eBay (not just in the item description) to make checkout more efficient for buyers. When you specify combined shipping discounts, they will be prominently displayed in the eBay Shopping Cart. This will encourage buyers to buy more items to get the shipping discount. This will save time for both buyers and sellers because it eliminates the need to request an invoice or combined shipping estimate prior to checkout.
  • Require “Immediate pay” for your Fixed Price items. This will reduce unpaid item incidences when buyers opt to Buy It Now instead of adding the item and paying for the item via the eBay Shopping Cart. 
  • Use eBay’s GetOrders API. This consolidates multiple-purchase orders and helps sellers ship items together in one box to save on shipping fees.
  • Specify shipping fees in your listings. Specifying shipping for key export countries becomes an even greater advantage in the eBay Shopping Cart. (It’s also required for sellers’ listings to be eligible to appear in the main search results in Canada, UK and Australia.) Buyers can check out faster when the shipping fees and options for their items are provided upfront, which eliminates the need to contact the seller. As always, sellers are encouraged to offer a range of domestic shipping options. If sellers do not specify shipping fees, buyers will still be able to request their total shipping fees from the seller via the eBay Shopping Cart.
  • Offer free shipping where it makes sense to do so. This is especially critical when buyers add and compare several similar items to their eBay Shopping Cart, since items that offer free shipping are often chosen over similar items that do not offer free shipping.

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