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Heads up! Upcoming changes to your eBay Developer site

Hi All!

We wanted to let you know that on September 29th, the eBay developer site will become part of X.commerce and the x.com web site. You may have recently heard that the leaders of commerce: eBay, PayPal, and Magento, have joined together to create a new company, X.commerce. The eBay Developer Program will be an important part of redefining the marketplace with X.commerce.

All of the information on the current eBay developer site including forums, product information, API downloads, etc. will be migrated over to x.com including your login and profile.

A few important items to note:

To prepare for the migration, developer.ebay.com will be in read-only mode a few days before September 29th. You'll be able to search for information on the site — but no content will be able to be updated or added. Please check http://developer.ebay.com/ for more details on the migration during this time.

When the site goes live on September 29th, you will have the ability to log in with either your eBay or PayPal login credentials at x.com. If you have both accounts, you will be able to choose which credentials you wish to make your primary account. Once selected, your community activity and forum history from both accounts will be merged to create one new account and user profile on x.com. If you only have an eBay account, your current account and user profile will not change.

We're excited for the migration of the eBay developer site as we bring our developer communities together. We hope you enjoy it. If you have any questions, feedback, or concerns let us know by sending an email to feedback@x.com or email me directly at jpeach@ebay.com.

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