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Change in UK Parts & Accessories - Selling parts that fit specific vehicles

Parts compatibility allows sellers to show all the cars that are compatible with a part or accessory in a single listing, helping to save time and money and giving buyers an easy way to find the right parts for their vehicle. Starting mid October 2011, parts compatibility will be available for use by eBay sellers.

When sellers assign compatible cars to a listing, buyers will find the parts they are looking for more quickly, and be more confident that they are buying a part that fits their model. This should help result in fewer queries and returns. Sellers can choose compatible cars from a Master Vehicle List (MVL) of more than 16,000 models.

Want to know more? Read the eBay’s seller release information which shows all the seller benefits, categories, and timeline here.

The eBay’s seller help page includes the Master Vehicle List (MVL) and how to create and modify listings using the MVL.

Want to plan for this addition?

Find the API documentation and Sandbox here and be prepared for the scheduled launch mid October.

Have questions? Feel free to contact me at jpeach@ebay.com!

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