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80 character Title API Call details

We at eBay understand that sometimes 55 characters is just not enough to get your message across. Sellers have long complained about this and we are pleased to announce that as of September 6th we enabled the use of up to 80 characters in titles.

What is the change:

Previously sellers were limited to only 55 characters for their item titles. Now sellers can use up to 80 characters. All eBay listings flows and tools have been updated. This applies to all sites globally.

Why is this change an improvement and what other efforts does it support:

Sellers have for years been asking for longer titles to allow a more complete and differentiated explanation of what they are selling. Not only does this change bring us more in-line with competitors but the longer title space will help us:

1)      Allow more complete support of our catalog titles. Many product titles are over 55 characters in order to distinguish one product/model from another and previously sellers had to edit those title and carefully choose the words needed to succinctly describe their item.

2)    Following our removal of duplicate items, sellers struggled with how to distinguish their truly different listings which are currently being flagged as policy violations. Giving sellers 45% more title space allows them to more accurately differentiate their inventory.

3)      By allowing more terms in the title we better allow search engines off eBay to surface our most relevant items.

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