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eBay Developer Profile: Bernd Ustorf, Outright

We are happy to be starting a new series of short profiles of eBay Developers, starting with Outright's Senior Web Developer. Do you want to apply to be profiled? Contact me at jpeach@ebay.com. 

Bernd-ustorf Who are you? Bernd Ustorf

Title: Senior Web Developer

Company: Outright

How long have you been an eBay Developer?  

I started working with the eBay Trading API and integrating Outright with Open eBay Apps in May, 2009.

Describe your business/App:

Outright is a bookkeeping application which can be installed as an Open eBay app.  It tracks sellers' sales, expenses, sales tax and customer information, synchronizing nightly with data from the eBay Trading API and from the PayPal API.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to try developing on an eBay API?

Get the perspective of sellers who use eBay every day. Take advantage of the available documentation and tech support resources while prototyping and developing your application.
Be ready for large volume, both in number of users and depth of information. 

What APIs have you played with?

  • The Trading API, i.e., GetSellerTransactions, GetAccounts and GetOrders, 
  • Open eBay Apps (OpenSocial), 
  • Our app also uses the PayPal APIs, so I work with those regularly.

What’s your secret superhero power?

TDD, but that's no secret.


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