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Motors Parts & Accessories: Required Return Policy, Handling Time, Item Condition

Beginning May 9, 2011, AddItem, AddFixedPriceItem, RelistItem, and RelistFixedPriceItem must include ReturnPolicy, DispatchTimeMax (handling time), and ConditionID for all US eBay (site 100) Motors Parts & Accessories items that are newly listed or relisted.

We encourage you to also start adding this information to existing Good 'Til Cancelled (GTC) listings, which will require these changes in early 2012.

In GetCategoryFeatures, see ReturnPolicyEnabled, HandlingTimeEnabled, ConditionEnabled (and ConditionValues) to determine which categories require these fields. For a list of the handling time values allowed for each site, use DispatchTimeMaxDetails in GeteBayDetails.

For general information about these changes, see this 2011 Spring Seller Update:

Return policy, handling time and item condition required for all new listings and relistings

Also, as previously announced in the Trading API release notes, Parts & Accessories categories on the US eBay Motors site support the ability to allow buyers to return Parts & Accessories items within 60 days, and the ability for the seller to choose whether the seller or buyer pays return shipping costs.

Return Policy Updates for Motors Parts & Accessories (API Release Notes)


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