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Finding API Migration

The Developers Program launched the Finding API in July 2009. Today Finding API is successfully serving over 130 millions of requests daily. We are ready for our next critical milestone – support all developers to fully migrate to Finding API to take advantage of the eBay’s next generation search technology used to power the eBay site search ; and deprecate Trading APIs: GetSearchResults and GetCategoryListings, and Shopping APIs: FindItemsAdvanced and FindItems. These APIs will stop working after October 2011.

To better support developers’ migration, asks and needs, we have been focusing on Finding API for new and enhanced features, as well as technical support. Meanwhile the deprecation of Trading and Shopping Search APIs has started since January 2011. Although those four API calls are still working till October, developers should have noticed that the deprecated API calls and related schema have been removed from the public WSDL and XSD files. Related documentation has also been removed. These calls are also being removed from SDKs.  For adoption of newer version SDKs after April 2011, the deprecated types will no longer be accessible. A warning message will be returned by these API calls after June 2011, indicating the API is scheduled to be removed. Your application might be broken if it doesn’t follow eBay requirements for error handling. The search capabilities provided by these calls are supported in the Finding API. If you're building new search applications, start with the Finding API. If you have applications that use these calls, please migrate your item search functions to the Finding API.


Why Finding API?

The Finding API leverages eBay’s next generation search technology and have been designed to provide greater flexibility, better performance and scalability. Increased search relevancy and parity with the eBay site search features are some of the highlights of the new API. The latest Best Match and Fitment algorithms are available in Finding API. A series of benchmark testing has been conducted that shows on par performance of Finding API to the Shopping API (FindItemsAdvanced & FindItems); and significant improvement over the Trading API (GetSearchResults & GetCategoryListings).

The following are the functionalities and features added by Finding API for item searches:

1.       Retrieve aspect histograms and filter by aspects and/or domains – supply data by item attributes which enables eBay site alike left navigation as well as search refinement by applying constraints aligned with eBay search classification.

2.       Support new search capabilities:

  • Item Condition histogram and filters
  • Restrict searches to as many as 3 categories at a time
  • Expedited Shipping filters
  • Top-Rated Sellers Only filter
  • Returns Accepted Only filter


3.       Image Search API (findItemsByImage): expend eBay’s capabilities in fashion to developers for the “More Like This” functionality.

4.       Three sizes of gallery image: 140x140, 96x96, 80x80 that users can choose to use based on their application’s needs.

As our commitment to the Developer Community, we are always working continuously and diligently to enable the latest, high performance, world-class eBay search technology and features to Finding API. Enhancements to picture URL, Multi-variations, LocatedIn etc. filters and more will be released in May.


How to Migrate to Finding API?

The following migration guides map input and output fields for GetSearchResults in the Trading API and FindItemsAdvanced in the Shopping API to the corresponding input and output fields in findItemsAdvanced in the Finding API:

Please contact us for questions or more information on Finding API or migration.



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