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Trading and Shopping Search API deprecation: New Deprecation Date

In June, we announced that the deprecation deadline was to be extended. We are now anouncing the following deprecated API calls have a new deprecation date of October 2011: FindItemsAdvanced, FindItems, GetSearchResults and GetCategoryListings.

We strongly encourage all developers to prioritize and expedite their efforts in upgrading to Finding API. The Finding API leverages eBay's next generation search technology and have been designed to provide greater flexibility, better performance and scalability. For more information on Finding APIs, please visit  http://developer.ebay.com/products/finding/

The following migration guides map input and output fields for GetSearchResults in the Trading API and FindItemsAdvanced in the Shopping API to the corresponding input and output fields in findItemsAdvanced in the Finding API:

§  Migration Guide for FindItemsAdvanced to findItemsAdvanced

§  Migration Guide for GetSearchResults to findItemsAdvanced


Please contact us for questions or more information on Finding API or migration.

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