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2011 Spring Seller Release: eBay Shopping Cart

The new eBay Shopping Cart is already available to some buyers, and will become the standard way for buyers to purchase items later this year. The new Shopping Cart will make it easier for sellers to up-sell and cross-sell their products and will virtually eliminate all unpaid items in fixed-price listings, since the listing (or inventory in multi-quantity, fixed-price listings) remains active until the buyer actually pays for the item(s). Sellers are not required to alter their auction or fixed-price listings to accommodate the new eBay Shopping Cart. However, eBay is recommending the following.

Use GetOrders for Order Management

Use the GetOrders call exclusively for order management. This call can be used to track and process all single and multiple line item orders. In the past GetItemTransactions and GetSellerTransactions were used to retrieve single line item orders (transactions), and GetOrders was used to retrieve multiple line item (Combined Payment) orders. Starting with the 705 release, GetOrders returns all single and multiple line item orders, making the initial calls to GetItemTransactions and GetSellerTransactions unnecessary. Sellers who use GetItemTransactions, GetSellerTransactions, and GetOrders should switch to GetOrders exclusively, since further enhancements may only be added to GetOrders.

Specify PayPal as a payment method

Specify PayPal as a payment method. Until Summer of 2011, PayPal is the only supported payment method for the Shopping Cart.

Specify multiple shipping service options

Specify multiple domestic and international shipping service options, and possibly offer free shipping when it makes business sense. Shipping service options and combined shipping discount rules will be displayed prominently for each item in the buyer's cart. Clearly defined and multiple shipping options and discounts may accomplish two things: encourage multiple purchases; eliminate the buyer's need to contact the seller to find out more about shipping options and details.

Confirm Other Settings

Make sure that the Combined Payments feature is turned on and that Flat, Calculated and/or Promotional shipping discount rules are specified at the user level. The Combined Payments feature is turned on with the SetUserPreferences Trading API call, and shipping discount rules are set with the SetShippingDiscountProfiles Trading API call. Combined Payment preferences can also be set in My eBay. As stated in the previous item, shipping service options and combined shipping discounts will be prominently displayed in the buyer's Shopping Cart, and combined shipping discounts may encourage multiple purchases.

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