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The eBay Developers Program Goes to Cloudstock

CloudstockDevProgramPeople Cloudstock was a free one-day event at Moscone Center in San Francisco, sponsored by companies with futures in cloud programming and attended by developers with futures in cloud programming.

There were presentation sessions, a hackathon, demo stations, food and drinks, and video games. The eBay Developers Program had a demo booth there. We have thoughts about cloud computing. Also, we think that, cloudwise or otherwise, developers want to make apps that earn money. By the time we got to Cloudstock, we were half a dozen strong.

We had dozens of conversations with developers at our demo station. We'll bring more swag next time--our LEGO man and chart of the eBay functionality and APIs just about ran out. Sarika Paralkar presented her "eBay API Fundamentals" presentation, and Jon Jessup of Cloud Conversion presented about using the Force.com IDE to build apps that leverage the eBay and PayPal platforms.

Because Cloudstock is a very hackerish conference, the Hackathon was a major focus. There were prizes in 14 different categories, including a MacBook Pro for Best in Show.

Scene from Right Before the Hackathon

Hacker 1: "So, what prize are you going for?"

Hacker 2: "Whatever, man. The MacBook would be nice."

An Awesome Mashup

Of all the innovative and surprising entries in the Hackathon, we were most impressed by the one that created a Salesforce app that logged in to the eBay sandbox, listed an item, logged in as another user and bought the item, and tracked the result in the Salesforce app where it also used (we are pretty sure) the Google Prediction Engine to predict future sales.

Some Sessions

You can read blogs about some of the sessions at http://blog.cloudstockevent.com/.

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