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Churning out e-commerce apps with Salesforce.com

In a collaborative session, Cloud Conversion and Salesforce.com made the case for using Salesforce.com to develop e-commerce apps, including eBay and PayPal apps. The case: compared to the normal app development cycle, it's easier, cheaper, and simpler to develop, maintain, and adapt these kinds of apps using Salesforce.com.

Cloud Conversion uses Salesforce.com to build very adaptable apps that run in the Salesforce.com cloud. Salesforce.com's pre-built components shorten the dev cycle, because components like security and support for multiple languages, currencies, and devices are already built and available for the app to use. Cloud Conversion created eCommSource, which leverages Salesforce.com customer service and support to manage an eBay seller's subscribers.

Cloud Conversion likes the Salesforce.com IDE, too--it lets them assemble app components in a graphical interface.

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