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Developer Impact: eBay Buyer Protection in US, UK, DE

eBay DE just announced that a new eBay Buyer Protection program will be available on the DE site starting in September.

Developers will find that there is currently an issue retrieving new eBay Buyer Protection cases (for item not received and not as described problems) that were filed in the eBay Resolution Center. These cases are not being returned via the Trading API call GetUserDisputes. As a workaround, sellers today can view all their cases on the eBay website.

In September, we are releasing a way to retrieve the eBay Buyer Protection cases with a new ResolutionCaseManagement API. You will be able to subscribe to notifications that will send a message to your server when a case is opened, closed, or changes state.

In a future release, we will provide a single API that allows you to manage cases from both the old and new eBay Buyer Protection systems.

The new eBay Buyer Protection is currently live on the US and UK sites. In September it will be live for DE as well.

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