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Introducing a New Way to List Products that Fit Multiple Vehicles

Parts compatibility is the best way to list products that fit multiple vehicles, ensuring more relevant search results while simplifying your sellers' online inventory. This convenient and familiar way to shop for parts means more buyers, faster sales, and fewer buyer questions for sellers. Highlights:

  • Structured Data: Sellers no longer have to create and manage many listings, or include the names of all compatible vehicles in the listing title to help buyers find a part that fits. Instead, they just create one listing describing a single part and either select a pre-filled product from our catalog, or add an extensive list of compatible vehicles. This data will appear in the new Compatibility tab in the listing description. The information in the Compatibility tab is searchable.
  • Improved Search Relevancy: Listing with parts compatibility also helps buyers find parts that fit their vehicles more easily since they see more precise search results containing exact parts for their specific vehicle. In addition, sellers using parts compatibility will see a boost for their listings in search results.

Parts compatibility was announced in January, and will be released in selected eBay Motors > Parts & Accessories > Car & Truck Parts categories starting in March:

  • Lighting & Lamps [#33707]
  • Air Intake & Fuel Delivery [#33549]
  • Exterior [#33637]
  • Tires [#66471]
  • Wheels [#43953]

Stay tuned for availability in all Car & Truck Parts and Vintage Car & Truck Parts sub-categories later this year. We'll also post updates on the eBay Motors discussion board

This feature is available in sandbox for the following test categories:

  • Parts & Accessories > Car & Truck Parts > Parts Test Category [170583]
  • Parts & Accessories > Car & Truck Parts > Wheels, Tires & Parts > Tires > Tires Test Category [170578]
  • Parts & Accessories > Car & Truck Parts > Wheels, Tires & Parts > Wheels > Rims Test Category [170577]

Documentation on API changes to support parts compatibility is now in the Product Service Release Notes.

Check out the parts compatibility API docs today!

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