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We heard your requests! Several API enhancements

The 653 Version of the Trading API with Developer-Requested API Enhancements is now available!

Enhancements in this release include:

Shipping: Tracking Number and Carrier Used

Tracking Number and Carrier Used are now returned by GetOrders and GetOrderTransactions for both Trading and Half.com. On Half.com, you can use the GetOrders and GetOrderTransactions calls to retrieve unshipped Half.com orders, such as orders that the seller has received but has not yet processed.

New VerifyRelistItem Call

The new VerifyRelistItem request allows you to preview the response and fees for an item you want to relist, before you make the actual RelistItem call. This call requests and returns the same data as RelistItem (same inputs, same outputs, and same usage rules), but without actually listing the item to an eBay site.

Applications can use this call to test the definition of an item before actually listing it to eBay with RelistItem, reducing item listing-related errors.

VerifyOnly Field for ReviseItem

You can use the VerifyOnly boolean field with the flag set to 'true', if you want the response to include the calculated listing price change (if there is an increase in the BIN/Start price) but you do not want the values to persist in the database. See ReviseItem for more details.

Including the VerifyOnly field in ReviseItem is similar to using VerifyAddItem or VerifyRelistItem.

GetPromotionalSaleDetails Enhancement to Filter by Status

A new input field, PromotionalSaleStatus, has been added to GetPromotionalSaleDetails call to restrict the promotional sales returned to those that match the specified status only.

Sellers Can Subscribe to Notification for SellerClosedDisputes

Previously, Buyers have been able to subscribe to get notified when a seller has closed a listing dispute. Now the Seller can also subscribe to the SellerClosedDisputes notification. For more information, see options for platform notification.

Updates to GetMyeBaySelling

In response to your product feedback, these enhancements have been made to GetMyeBaySelling:

  • Listings with variations now return Variation.StartPrice.
  • A new OrderStatusFilter in the request enables you to filter SoldList based on whether transactions have been marked as Paid and/or Shipped in My eBay.
For more information about the contents of the 653 release, see the Trading API release notes.
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