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Make Selling Manager Applications Part of Your New Years Resolutions

It’s a new year. What will you build in 2010?

We have had a very busy year working on the Selling Manager Applications program. We’ve grown to 34 available applications (with more getting ready to launch!) and enhanced the Selling Applications Directory to better market your applications!

Meeting Sellers' Needs

Selling Manager Applications are all about meeting the Seller’s needs. Helping them do and manage their business easier, faster, stronger. Sellers are regular people,trying to earn a living. Life gets in the way. Many of them do not have a technical background and are looking to Selling Manager Applications to solve problems and make it easier for them to earn money.

Let’s face it. Everyone wants to earn money.

Sellers are looking for the best cost-benefit in your applications. In a recent Seller survey, many Sellers said they don’t have a lot of money and are very price sensitive. Given the economy, this should not be a surprise to any of us. Some Sellers said they are not technical and need applications that are easy to use, configure and manage.

When you build your application, keep in mind the different technical skills of the Sellers; your customers:

  • Would a Quick Reference Guide help Sellers configure your application faster or easier?
  • Would a 30 second video describing the most compelling features of your Selling Manager Application help increase Seller subscriptions of your application?

Make us part of your New Years resolutions!

Submit your Selling Manager Application Business Readiness Review and Billing information by Jan 10th in order to go live by mid-February 2010. Based on our research, we think email management, customer management, shipping and fulfillment, bulk editing of listings, UPI process management, picture management, profitability analysis, and inventory management are all pretty good bets for new Selling Manager Applications. But that doesn't mean you can’t use your imagination and create other application types. Social networking or providing special filtering are some additional areas. Surprise us! Show us what you’ve got!

Read the eBay's Next Gen Platform Opportunity blog entry for an overview of the program and benefits.

  • View Lead Product Manager, Selling Manager Applications project, Madhu Gupta’s presentation deck here,
  • Learn more about Selling Manager Applications here.

eBay Developers who have created Selling Manager Applications include:

  • MyStoreCredit - helps Sellers provide buyers with a positive experience through follow-up e-mails that include shopping rewards, such as a 10% off coupon on their next purchase.
  • Outright – a free Web service that tracks all Seller income and expenses to get taxes done accurately and on time to help you avoid costly fines from the IRS.
  • vzaar - allows Sellers to quickly and easily add video to their eBay listings for a more dynamic shopping experience.
  • Read their, and other, Success Stories at:http://developer.ebay.com/programs/Success-Stories/home.html

Get started today! Review our documentation and see if this opportunity is a fit for you.

Grow with us in 2010!

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