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eBay Update on Weekend Site Restoration – Lorrie Norrington, President, eBay

Update on yesterday's posting (copied from eBay Announcements) about the weekend site restoration:

"On Saturday we fixed a software issue that resulted in a disruption to our site.  Because this was an isolated incident and not systemic, we were able to correct the problem and resume normal operations. By Sunday, the site was performing well in stress tests, handling increased activity levels throughout the day.

While we’re confident that we remedied the software problem and that it won’t reoccur, we deeply regret the impact it had on the eBay community. To minimize the impact, we’re working to ensure that sellers and buyers whose transactions were affected by the disruptions will be made as whole as possible. This includes listing fee refunds and protection against negative or neutral buyer feedback as well as detailed seller ratings (DSRs) lower than 5 stars for impacted sellers, and coupons for buyers of items that were impacted by the disruption.  

To the eBay community, you have our most sincere apologies for the disruption and inconvenience caused by the software problem … and our commitment to continuing to provide the best marketplace for sellers and the best deals for buyers."

Lorrie Norrington
President, eBay

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