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Reminder: Don't Lose your Recent Sales Score

It's important to manage your listings to maintain your Recent Sales score. Having strong Recent Sales can give you a promotion in Best Match.

Editing a Live Listing

There has been some confusion about how to avoid resetting a listing's Recent Sales score. These are the only edits that that will reset the Recent Sales score:

  • Increase price
  • Change title
  • Remove item condition
  • Change category

Updating Item Description, Quantity, and so on will NOT reset your Recent Sales score.

Relisting an Item

The ONLY way to maintain the Recent Sales score for a relisted item is to use RelistItem, and include the ItemID of the original item. Some developers use RelistItem only in cases where they know the seller will get a relist credit. You should use RelistItem in ALL cases, so you get the maximum benefit of recent sales on the item.

In addition, you should relist as soon as the original item ends, to take best advantage of the moving window for Recent Sales calculation.

Also, a multi-quantity listing has more impact on Recent Sales than a single-quantity item, so single-quantity listings should be combined when possible. You'll save on listing fees too!

For listings with multiple variations, RelistFixedPriceItem will help you carry over your Recent Sales score.

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