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Terapeak Announces New Market Research Tool - Value Track

Terapeak, an eBay Certified Provider providing eBay market research, has announced a beta launch for their new tool, Value Track.

Value Track will allow an eBay seller to save or "track" their eBay searches and then generates reports based on -

  • track trends in a category over week-by-week
  • track product movement
  • track product pricing

Value Track automates your eBay research process. Information is updated automatically and displayed in a format similar to a stock ticker.

Terapeak provides robust market research tools through the eBay Market Data program.

The eBay Market Data program offers rich consumer insight data allowing eBay Developers the opportunity to innovate and build research solutions like cross-border research tools, shopper analysis, intelligent cross-merchandising & listing solutions, and more.  Click here to learn more about the eBay Market Data Program.

Click here for more information on Value Track and how to be part of the beta test.

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