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eBay Actionscript SDK Beta Announced at 360Flex Conference

This morning at 360Flex I announced the beta release of the eBay Actionscript Library (available at www.adobe.com/go/ebaylibrary). Adobe calls them libraries, we call them SDKs, but since Adobe is hosting it we went with "library." This code library makes it easier for Flash and Flex developers to work with eBay Web Services. Adobe is being kind enough to host the library for now, and later this year you can expect to see a Flash and Flex developer center on our developer site too. The eBay Actionscript Library is open source, and we would love to get community involvement on moving this project forward.

Some of the benefits of the code library include:

  • Full coverage of eBay Web Service calls - 100+ calls
  • Strong typing - use code completion within Flex Builder instead of working directly with XML
  • Actionscript 3 based, so you can use it in Flex 2.0 or Flash 9
  • Data binding capabilities - within Flex, you can update a data collection with updated data from eBay's web services
  • Tutorial and samples - easy to get started

This library was developed by eBay and Effective UI as part of project San Dimas, an eBay Desktop application prototype that we have blogged about numerous times recently. We hope that developers can take this library and develop other great client applications built on Flex, Flash, and Apollo technologies. The more, the merrier!

One of the cool things about the library is that we were able to leverage an existing open source project - Apache Axis, to develop the library. Instead of writing a bunch of hand-written code (which would have taken literaly years of developer time) we modified Axis to auto-generate Actionscript code instead of Java code. What this means is that this library gets us about 80% of the way towards having a complete Web Services toolkit for Flash/Flex. That is pretty darn cool.

Note that this is a true beta release, although we have tested it to some extent as part of the San Dimas development process, it should not yet be used in production environments. We'd like to get developer feedback on the library and may significantly change the design of it based on that feedback. You can download the library today, and look for the source code to be uploaded later this week (whenever I get a few minutes free to go and do it).


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Very nice! Especially the Axis->ActionScript codegen!

Posted by: enefekt | Mar 8, 2007 6:12:21 AM