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API Details on USPS rate change coming in early May

This is an update on the upcoming USPS rate changes and how API developers will be impacted. Please see the overall API timeline below and take advantage of the early access available soon in the sandbox!  We will be publishing more details by mid-April .. stay tuned!

Summary of USPS Changes (See USPS Site for details)

  • Domestic Rate Changes
  • Domestic Priority Mail Dimensional Weight Changes (only for oversize packages to specific zones)
  • International Product and Rate Changes
    • Eliminated services:  Global Express Guaranteed, Global Express Mail, Airmail Parcel Post, Economy Parcel Post, Global Priority Mail, Airmail Letter Post and Economy Letter Post
    • New services introduced:  Global Express Guaranteed, Express Mail International, Priority Mail International, First Class Mail International

Developer Impact: Developers of listing applications should be aware of the new warning messages returned by the AddItem family of calls, as well as the new and eliminated Shipping Services indicated via GeteBayDetails.  Developers should make changes to listing templates to stop using old Shipping Services before June.

API Changes:

Pre-Rate Change: Mid-April

  • AddItem, ReviseItem, and RelistItem will begin emitting warning messages for services that will soon be eliminated.

Date of Rate Change: Mid-May (May 14, 2007)

  • New International Services will become active, and some current International Services will be eliminated
  • AddItem, ReviseItem, and RelistItem will continue to accept eliminated services for a 30 day API grace period, and return a warning message to alert the end user.

Post Rate Change: Mid-June (After API Grace Period)

  • AddItem and RelistItem will block listings containing eliminated services.
  • GeteBayDetails will stop returning eliminated services and ShippingServicesCodeType will no longer contain the old values.

Sandbox Support: Changes for USPS will be made early in the sandbox, to allow developers to test their applications and make necesary modifications prior to the actual USPS rate changes.  Changes in the sandbox should be expected the week of April 23, and will combine the "Pre Rate Change" and "Rate Change" behavior at that time.

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USPS charges usually always surpass a bid on one of my auctions. If I get $3.99 for the item, it takes $7.00 to mail it. Ridiculous!!! What are they offering in return for the added expense?? Higher wages for their overpaid employees??

Posted by: R.Richey | Apr 1, 2007 3:33:26 PM