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Tapping into eBay Market Data with HammerTap

Infopia's PowerWeb

eBay Market Data is rich historical information about what is bought and sold on eBay.  The volume of trade conducted on eBay marketplaces results in market data with large amounts of valuable, dynamic commerce activity, supported by a database full of information about market trends. eBay Market Data has answers to key questions about sellling and shopping on eBay, such as what is the average selling price of items? When is the best day and time to list an item? Which listing upgrade features will help sell my item more quickly?

To help their sellers answer some of these questions, eBay Web Services API developer, Infopia, recently partnered with eBay Market Data provider, HammerTap, on a new online marketplace research solution, PowerWeb, that integrates into Infopia's Marketplace Manager selling tool.  (Click on the screenshot for a better look.)

Check out HammerTap's market research options to see what might add value for your customers to integrate with your eBay tool. You can also read about Infopia's experience with integrating eBay Market Data in their selling app, or get to know more about the developers behind Infopia and their recent Appy Award for mashing up Salesforce.com Apex and eBay APIs.


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