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Mashing up with buySAFE APIs


eBay Certified Provider buySAFE has launched three APIs that allow developers of eBay applications to integrate trust signaling into search, comparison shopping applications and browser plug-ins.

The eBay developer community has been mashing up APIs for years, integrating eBay and PayPal APIs. Now, eBay Web Services API developers behind eBay buyer tools are getting into the act.

Nabit, for example, is using one of the new buySAFE APIs to identify bonded sellers and display a small logo next to the item or merchant in their eBay desktop application. (Click on screenshot for a better look.) This type of information can provide eBay shoppers with additional peace of mind, increasing the likelihood that they will click through to the listing and make a purchase from the seller. 

Check out all of the buySAFE APIs to see if one of them makes sense to integrate with your eBay tool. Or get to know more about the developers behind Nabit in their Cool Tool review.

- Delyn

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