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Cool Desktop eBay Monitor: Nabit

Nabitlogo eBay tools have moved beyond the browser. Nabit by Digonex is one of them - a Windows desktop eBay monitoring application.

Nabit allows you to track items that you are bidding on or that are on your eBay watch list. It has two different display modes: a full view that shows the entire list, and a reduced view that shows item pictures and basic item information like number of bids and current price. The items that you are watching or bidding on are cycled continuously, and you can define how fast to cycle through them. You can also search eBay from within Nabit. The new 1.2 version supports a few cool features like the ability to bid on an item from within Nabit itself.

I've been using Nabit for the past few weeks, and found it to be quite useful. Installation was smooth, and the app has been stable. One of the features that I enjoy is that it gives me very quick access to my eBay watch list without having to open my browser and sign in to the My eBay site. Here is how Nabit looks in the full mode (as much as I'd like to buy the BMW on my watch list, I'll probably have to stick with my Ford Taurus):


I interviewed Digonex CEO Jan Eglen to find out more about Nabit

How did you come up with the idea to build Nabit?

We actually were looking for tools that would help us introduce our core technology "dynamic pricing" system to the public and particularly to eBay buyers. We had set up a proof of concept store (Pricecoaster.com) for our pricing system on eBay and were selling items whose price varied depending upon demand. (That store is still functional and our fixed price items are available on eBay Express now also!). We felt we needed a stand alone tool that could constantly remind consumers of items they might want to follow while providing a rich user experience and so Nabit was developed.

My favorite feature right now is the .nbt file sharing capability. I can send a file of my watch items directly to a friend or family member and by a simple click it is directly imported into their watch list. Looking ahead to Version 2.0 (which I admittedly have the benefit of seeing right now) our drill down search filters are an awesome feature in our Search capability world-wide. This is going to open up cross border commerce and enhance the ability of the buyer to find exactly what they want quickly from the 23 countries supported in Version 2.0... Really anxious to unveil what we have done.

Could you talk a little bit about how you use eBay's Web Services in Nabit?

Sure, we use eBay's Web Services to access item information (we designed our own Item Detail page to feature that info), to retreive MyeBay information (watchlist, buying list, bidding list), and to perform all searches including cross border. We actually use your unified XML to track bidding. Just as an FYI, and as I mentioned above, we have a Search Filter in 2.0 that provides (among other things) specific information for fixed price items so it parses out Buy It Now and eBay Express items.

I know you will be exhibiting at the eBay Live! conference next month. Any hints on what we will be seeing there?

Nabit 2.0 will be released with enhanced search features, cross border capability, and Local Language versions for France, Germany and China (Mandarin) as well as search capability in 23 countries opening up the entire eBay world to Nabit users. We are also going to have an exciting 400 square foot booth that will have an International theme to highlight the focus of Nabit 2.0.

Is it true that John Mellencamp's guitarist works at Digonex?

Johnmandmikefromnabit Absolutely - Mike Wanchic - see attached [photo on the right]. He is John's music director and leader of the Mellencamp Band. Mike is our VP, Digital Media, and was with us at Innovation Day on the North Campus... Outside of his music life he is an incredibly bright individual. DePauw University, 1974, played football there. Owner of Echo Park Studios in Bloomington, Indiana where The Fray's, "How to Save a Life" was recorded. A great guy.

Now for our "Five Questions":

1) What is the last thing that you bought on eBay?

My 6th MP3 player! Actually because of our testing system we purchase lots of eBay stuff worldwide. We have tables of really weird items and objects our programmers buy to test our programming. Surprising what kinds of things you can buy for $10 and under...

2) What is your defining Web 2.0 moment?

This is kind of like my favorite Snoopy cartoon where he is laying on his back on top of his doghouse looking at the sky and and the balloon over his head says "what if there is one day in your life that is better than any other day - and you have already had it.......". I like to think that I haven't had that defining Web 2.0 moment yet.

3) SOAP or XML?


4) What's playing on your iPod right now?

On my NANO it is Small Town by Mellencamp (and I was born in that town - Seymour, Indiana - just like John was) On my Shuffle it is Antebellum Shuffle Blues by Mighty Mo Rodgers (who fronted the college band I played drums in and is still a fabulous Blues artist) I know, I am totally a homer.

5) Do you have a signature drink?

Diet Red Pop (caffeine free if possible - did my doctoral dissertation on addiction disorders, so not a big alcohol fan.)


Thanks for the interview, Jan! If you are like me, and you want to know what Diet Red Pop is, go read this Wikipedia article.


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I was under the impression you could not bid outside of eBay's web portal... Has this changed recently? I haven't seen it in the API either. If it's there could someone point it out to me? Thanks.

Posted by: Andrew | Jun 4, 2006 9:19:29 PM