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eBay Widget Mashup for Blogs

Ebaytypepadwidget_2 As announced by Alan Lewis, eBay technical evangelist, the eBay Widget for Typepad, developed using the eBay REST API by PostApp, is up and running.

(You'll notice we have set the widget on the right-hand side of our blog to display THE iconic eBay item: Pez Dispensers).

This free widget displays live eBay search listings -- either from a specific seller or that match a particular search term -- and takes advantage of the new Typepad Widget APIs that were announced yesterday to integrate the content seamlessly with the blog.

According to Alan: "This eBay widget uses the REST API to get the live eBay items. 2 different APIs -- I think that qualifies this for being a mashup... The widget is also available in the Typepad Widget Gallery."

Set it up on your own Typepad blog in a flash!

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